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ParentSquare is the tool used by Plainfield Community School Corporation to communicate with our Quaker families.

Parents and guardians may register for an account and set their preferences for how they'd like to receive messages from us. As an example, many parents only want to receive a text, while others prefer email, and still others choose both. If you download the app (it's free!), you can also get notifications via the app.

Another feature of the app is that it allows the user to select their preferred language.

In emergencies or when notifying school families is urgent, ParentSquare will use all methods of contact, which includes a phone call, text, email and app notification (if we have the correct information and if you've downloaded the app).

If you do not register with ParentSquare, you will still receive an email when we use ParentSquare to send a message.

User tips for Parents when using ParentSquare